Who Hopes to the Benefits of Sperm for the Face, Get Ready to Disappointed

The benefits of sperm for the face had become popular in various circles of society. Sperm is claimed to be used as a face cream and skin moisturizer. This triggers questions about the benefits of sperm for the face. Instead of just guessing and following trends, you should know the facts behind sperm before deciding to use sperm as part of facial treatment. Facts About the Benefits of Sperm for the Face Apart from the notion of the benefits of sperm for the face, the function of sperm itself is to fertilize the egg. So that its main function is for the fertilization process in order to achieve pregnancy, so that humans can carry out their reproductive functions. When having sex, the penis will be filled with blood flow so that it can harden or called an erection. When reaching a climax in sex, men will ejaculate, which is the discharge of semen. In liquid semen there is 1% sperm and 99% other compounds. The compounds contained in cement include: Calcium Chlorine Magnesium
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